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Study program

The master in Advanced Mathematics and Mathematical Engineering (MAMME) is a 60 ECTS (European Credit transfer System) official master program. It is intended to be completed in one academic year, with 45 ECTS in courses and a master thesis (15 ECTS).


The courses offered in MAMME allow our students to design their curriculum, with two different orientations:

  • a pure mathematics curriculum, oriented to research in fundamental mathematics, or
  • an applied mathematics curriculum, preparing them for applied mathematics research and for interdisciplinary team working, in collaboration with engineers, physicists, biologists, economists, etc.

In addition, MAMME offers the possibility of registering up to 22.5 ECTS in other master programs, such as the master in Statistics and Operations Research (MESIO UPC-UB), or the master in Advanced Mathematics offered by Universitat de Barcelona (UB), or other UPC master programs, opening the path for an interdisciplinary curriculum based on selected courses in masters in engineering and applied sciences. See the MAMME focus proposals.

A minimum of 22.5 ECTS in MAMME courses (3 courses) is mandatory. Registration to non-MAMME courses requires the approval of the director of MAMME and of the director of the other master.

A tutor is assigned to each student, to provide academic guidance for the selection of courses (according to the student background and interests) and for the proposal of the master thesis topic.

MAMME courses

MAMME courses are offered in five broad fields: Algebra and Geometry, Discrete Mathematics and Algorithmics, Modelling in Engineering and Biomedical Sciences, Differential Equations, and Scientific Computing.
The following courses (7.5 ECTS each) are offered.
Field: Algebra and Geometry
 Commutative Algebra (Autumn term Q1)
 Algebraic Geometry (Spring term Q2)
 Differentiable Manifolds (Spring term Q2
 Number Theory (Autumn term Q1)
 Non-Commutative Algebra (Autumn term Q1)
Field: Discrete Mathematics and Algorithmics
  Codes and Cryptography (Spring term Q2)
  Combinatorics (Spring term Q2)
  Graph Theory (Autumn term Q1)
Field: Modelling in Engineering and Biomedical Sciences
  Computational Mechanics (Spring term Q2)
  Mathematical Models in Biology (Autumn term Q1) 
Field: Differential Equations
  Hamiltonian Systems (Spring term Q2)
Field: Scientific Computing

  Machine Learning (Spring term Q2)

Interdisciplinary seminars (3 ECTS each seminar)
  Seminar on algebra, geometry and discrete mathematics (Spring term Q2)
  Seminar on analysis, differential equations and modelling (Spring term Q2)