Focus on Mathematical Physics

The Focus on Mathematical Physics concentrates on the interplay between mathematics and physics, exploring the deep and intricate connections that bridge these two fundamental disciplines. This focus illustrates how mathematical theories can provide precise and predictive frameworks for understanding physical phenomena, while physical insights, in turn, inspire the development of new mathematical concepts and techniques.

Students interested in focusing on Physics and Mathematics are invited to select 45 ECTS from this list:

Differentiable Manifolds 7.5 ECTS MAMME
Hamiltonian Systems 7.5 ECTS MAMME
Quantitative and Qualitative Methods in Dynamical Systems  7.5 ECTS MAMME
Graph theory 7.5 ECTS MAMME
Computational Mechanics 7.5 ECTS MAMME
Mathematical Modelling with PDEs 7.5 ECTS MAMME
Numerical methods for dynamical systems 7.5 ECTS MAMME
Codes and Cryptography 7.5 ECTS MAMME
Numerical Methods for PDEs 7.5 ECTS MAMME
Critical Phenomena and complexity 5 ECTS MEPH
Quantum Matter 5 ECTS MEPH
Computational Astrophysics 4 ECTS MEPH
Complexity in Biological systems 4 ECTS MEPH
Stochastic Methods for Optimization & Simulation 4 ECTS MEPH
Materials Science of Drugs 4 ECTS MEPH
Atomic and molecular physics 4 ECTS MEPH

A minimum of 3 MAMME courses (22.5 ECTS) is mandatory.