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Management team and location

Management team

Academic coordinator: Prof. Juan José Rué (
Administrative coordinator:

In addition, the academic committee for MAMME also includes the researchers

* Prof. Gemma Huguet (Modeling in Engineering and Biomedical Sciences)

* Prof. Marcel Guardia (Differential Equations)

* Prof. Pep Burillo (Algebra and Geometry)

* Prof. Jose Muñoz Romero (Scientific Computation)

* Prof. Oriol Serra (Discrete Mathematics and Algorithmics)

* Robert Cardona (PhD student)

Normative of the CADMAMAMME (approved by Junta de Facultat de l'FME on 26/02/2020)


It is located on the South-Diagonal Campus. See location in Google maps.
It is a small school with about 400 students that takes advantage of this characteristic: professors and students know each other individually. Study rooms and Faculty's own library are ideal places for group work and personal study. The students of the FME care about the quality of their training and are involved in academic decisions. Life in the FME is not confined to the study, but is also rich in cultural activities, sports, and entertainment: concerts, competitions, theatre plays, conferences, etc.