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Marc Nualart Batalla
Bachelor studies: Mathematics at FME - UPC, 2019
Year of graduation at MAMME: 2020
First job after MAMMME: PhD researcher in analysis at Imperial College London (UK)

MAMME gave me the required background in applied mathematics to begin my PhD studies at Imperial College London. The Master extensively broadened my math skills in PDEs and related subjects. Overall, MAMME represent the perfect bridge between the lecture-taught undergraduate math studies and the independent-research based PhD studies.
Amirlan Dorjnamjil
Bachelor studies: Aerospace Engineering, Swansea University UK, 2019
Year of graduation at MAMME: 2021

I believe that one major advantage of the Master's in Advanced Mathematics and Mathematical Engineering program at UPC is the flexibility of the course. Along with the classes offered by MAMME, you are able to choose about half of your classes from a variety of other courses depending on your interest.
On top of this, the professors teaching the classes are very helpful and understanding. Due to my background in engineering, the course was not easy but with good support, I was able to learn a lot this past year.
Tomàs Ortega Sànchez-Colomer
Bachelor studies: Mathematics & Telecommunications Enginnering at CFIS- UPC, 2020
Year of graduation at MAMME: 2021
First job after MAMMME: PhD researcher in Electrical Engineering at University of California, Irvine (US)

The tools I learned during my MAMME studies have helped me understand the fundamental ideas behind many of the engineering papers that I am reading during my PhD. This program gave me the opportunity to delve into a variety of topics, and it encouraged me to pursue a career in research in the ones I had an interest in. In my case, I am trying to apply graph theory concepts to electrical engineering problems.

Solange Coronel

Bachelor studies: Mathematics at UB, Barcelona, 2018
Year of graduation at MAMME: 2021
First job after MAMMME: Data Analyst

MAMME has many course options. Among these, studying applied mathematics: PDEs, ..., has helped me for the future, to feel more comfortable when wanting to apply for a PhD. There are many projects in which having studied this branch of mathematics helps a lot, since the research topic is usually about modeling. In addition, in my opinion, doing the final master's project prepares you in terms of rigor and professionalism.
Biel Tura Vecino
Bachelor studies: Telecommunications Engineering at UPC, 2019
Year of graduation at MAMME: 2020
First job after MAMMME:  Applied scientist at Alexa IA (Amazon)

As a graduate in engineering, I joined the MAMME to dive deeper into the underlying mathematics present in every technical application. The master is very versatile and flexible: you can plan the ideal study program according to your curiosities and needs. In my specific case, I was able to course one semester at the UPC-FME and another at the EPFL, develop my master’s thesis at the IRI-CSIC research center and do an internship at Telefonica Research. Not only was my knowledge of applied mathematics drastically improved, but I also gained a year of research experience, key for jumping into the tech industry.
Philip Mitchell
Bachelor studies: Economics & Business Economics, U. of Groningen, Netherlands, 2015
Year of graduation at MAMME: 2021
First job after MAMMME: Machine learning engineer

I took this Master's degree to gain a strong mathematical foundation in order to move from a Data Analyst to a Machine Learning position. For me it was a balance of pure mathematics, which taught me mathematical thinking, as well as statistical and applied mathematics which served as a good introduction to Machine Learning. Additionally, although the classes are quite challenging, the environment is not competitive and all teachers and fellow students are always willing to help.
Sarah Zampa
Bachelor studies: Mathematics, University of Lille, 2019
Year of graduation at MAMME: 2020
First job after MAMMME: PhD researcher in Mathematics at the BME/ Alfréd Rényi Institute, Budapest (HU)

The MAMME was a great opportunity for me to expand my areas of knowledge in mathematics. The flexibility of the content is an incredible asset, I really feel like I designed my own personal degree that suits me the most. That is actually how I found an area that I really wanted to dive deeper into, and that I am now doing research on.
Another important aspect for me is the availability of the teachers. They are always very helpful, and I really felt welcomed and part of the university throughout my time there, especially as a foreigner.