Focus Proposals

The following is a NON-EXHAUSTIVE list of focus proposals that may be considered for the selection of courses in MAMME, including both MAMME courses and courses in other master programs. They are just examples for selection of courses, and they will not be mentioned in the master's degree certificate. Students are encouraged to design their own curriculum with total freedom.

In any case, recall that a minimum of 22.5 ECTS in MAMME courses is mandatory. Registration in non-MAMME courses requires the approval of the director of MAMME and of the director of the other master.


Discrete Mathematics

Partial Differential Equations and Analysis

Mathematical and Computational Modelling

Optimization and Operation Research

Dynamical Systems and Applications to Celestial Mechanics

Algebra, Geometry and Number Theory

Modelling and analysis in Biomedical Science

Geometry and its applications

 Mathematical Physics