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Mobility and double degrees

MAMME offers several possibilities for mobility.

Erasmus mobility

MAMME allows mobility under the Erasmus program, usually during the Spring semester (Q2).

Students may do courses at the host institution, provided they have passed a minimum of 22.5 ECTS in MAMME courses.

There are two options for the master thesis:

  1. Erasmus+ studies: only for the institutions in For Erasmus fellowships, eligible students must register 30 ECTS (usually 15 ECTS in courses + master thesis). You should previously check if the potential receiving institution allows the registration of the master thesis for Erasmus students.
  2. Erasmus+ training: only master thesis, no courses. An agreement can be done with any institution, even when it is not appearing in the previous list.

Applications for spring semester: at, please check deadlines at


MAMME-ENSIMAG master’s double degree

MAMME students will be able to do a joint master double degree with ENSiMAG, Grenoble:

Information to be posted soon.

MAMME-IIT master’s double degree

MAMME students may apply to the Illinois Institute of Technology (IIT, USA) master of Science offered by the Department of Applied Mathematics of 32 credit hours (equivalent to 62 ECTS), see

2 students per year are selected and nominated by FME-UPC.

Study plan:

  • 1st Fall semester at FME-UPC: 30 ECTS in MAMME courses (equivalent to 9 credit hours)
  • Spring semester at IIT: 9 credit hours
  • Summer  at IIT: 5 credit hours (thesis)
  • Fall semester at IIT: 9 credit hours, including the master’s thesis defense.

Complete 2 core sequences of 4 possibilities: computational (Math 577 and 578), Discrete (Math 553 and 554, and Math 554 prior at FME), Stochastics (Math 540, and 543 or 544 or 545, and Math 540 prior at FME)

Note that students are eligible for transfer credit of 9 credit hours (3 courses) in the IIT master's degree, reducing the total cost from 32 to 23 credit hours. For transfer credit the courses Math 554 (which requires 553), Math 540 and Math 500 should be completed and successfully passed at FME during the 1st semester.


  • 270 ECTS at FME-UPC (240 at bachelor level + 30 at MAMME)
  • TOEFL >= 90 iBT   or    IELTS>=6.5
  • GRE general score of 304 (combined Verbal & Quantitative sections)
  • 2.5 out of 6 in the Analytical section for the Department of Applied Mathematics
  • 2 letters of recommendation  from FME-UPC faculty

Tuition and Fees: see

As an example, the cost for August 2015-May 2016 per credit hour is 1.313$. The final cost with the transfer credit IIT scholarship is 22.321$.

IIT application deadline: October     

MAMME master’s thesis at IIT

Illinois Institute of Technology (IIT, USA) agrees to consider accepting academically qualified students from FME-UPC who have completed 270 ECTS as Visiting Research Scholars, to do research in the field of Applied Mathematics up to 6 months.


  • 270 ECTS at FME-UPC (240 at bachelor level + 30 at MAMME)
  • proof of English language proficiency, intermediate level
  • 2 letters of recommendation from FME-UPC faculty
  • Identification of 2 professors at IIT to work with in the area of research

Tuition and fees: 2 research credits per semester, 1 research credit during summer. See costs at

IIT application deadline: November